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Linear Actuator fully integrated the powerful alternative to hydraulic cylinders
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CyTec Systems UK Ltd appointed distributors for Servomold in the UK. With the introduction of all electric moulding machines, together with some customers reluctance to use hydraulics in a clean room environment. CyTec Systems were keen to be able to offer Servo systems as well as Hydraulic solutions to our customers. After investigation of available solutions, it became apparent that process knowledge and machine integration was of the utmost importance for us to be able to offer a reliable and cost effective solution for unscrewing systems and linear movements on injection mould tools. We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed distributers of Servomold for the UK market. Servomold have over the last 10 years built up a lot of know how on the use of servo drives in injection mould tools and their integration into the moulding machine. Founded in 2011 they merged with I mold in 2017 and have become the leading supplier of system solutions for the realisation of servo-electric and linear movements in injection mould tools. From single threads in technical plastic parts, linear slides and core puller movements, to multi cavity cap moulds- they have the servo-electrical alternative for every injection mould.
Linear Actuator – fully integrated The powerful alternative to hydraulic cylinders Compact linear actuator with roller screw and space-saving Servomotor on-top Product features:  Spindle length from 250 mm to 3000 mm  Position encoder system resolver or absolute encoder optional with motor brake  Particularly low-noise running and high travel speeds  Large number of contact points allows compact design and long lifetime  High load ratings, high efficiency and high positioning accuracy Systemgröße / System size PGT 20x05 PGT 30x05PGT 30x10PGT 39x05PGT 39x10 Servomotor  ICM 09J 09N 09N 09N  14N 14N 14N max. Schubkraft / Force (kN) 5 8 11 16 20 24 30 max. Geschwindigkeit / Speed (mm/s)300 300 300 300 500 250 450 Lagertyp / Bearing Type* Dyn. Tragzahl C / Dyn. load rating C LBE (18kN) LBD (42kN) FLE „20x52“ (54kN) FLE „20x52“ (54kN) FLE „30x72“ (98kN) FLE „30x72“ (98kN) FLE „30x72“ (98kN) Abmessungen / Size   Incl. Lagerung / Bearing  (mm) ca. 145x145x150 ca. 145x145x170 ca. 145x145x185  ca. 145x145x185 ca. 170x170x280 ca. 170x170x280 ca. 170x170x280 Mutternlänge / Nut length (mm) 65 65 65 85 85 100 100 Spindellängen / Spindle length (mm)  (nutzbare Länge / usable length) 170 - 1440170 - 1440170 - 1440210 - 2884210 - 2884240 - 2870240 - 2870 *  LBE = Lagerbaugruppe "Einzel" / Bearing assembly "single"        LBD = Lagerbaugruppe "Doppel" / Bearing assembly "double"       FLE = Flanschlagereinheit / Flange bearing unit LBE  LBD  Depending on the application,   a non-usable length of 40 mm  must be considered as an  addition to the spindle length. Spindle length = nut length +   40 mm + stroke i The bearing positions can be varied depending on the installation situation.   Bearing assembly "single / double" Flange bearing unit FLE Kundenprojekt Auswerferplatte  Konrad Häupler GmbH & Co. KG, Nürnberg Customer project – Ejector plate  Konrad Häupler, GmbH & Co. KG, Nürnberg Planetary roller  screw spindle In comparison to ball screws the threaded roller spindle has a lot more contact points. Thus, considerably higher loads can be transmitted with greater rigidity. Advantages:  Compact dimensions  High forces and velocities  Long lifetime (about 15x to KGS) Integrated linear actuator  Plate movement     Slider movement    Planetary roller screw spindle Compact servomotors Rack movement SITE_MAP SITE_MAP
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AHP Merkle specialises in the production of hydraulic block cylinders and standard cylinders. There is a large range of different models with a variety of switching options. They are ideal for incorporating into mould tools as well as special purpose machines. In addition, AHP Merkle’s range of block cylinders gives the tool designer the ability to modify the stroke to suit the design. All cylinders can be supplied with switches indicating forward and retracted positions; and all piston rods are hardened ground and chromed ensuring a long life for the cylinder. 3D CAD data is available from the website. AHP Merkle stands for 100% quality, flexibility and continuous innovations. The range embraces: Block Cylinders, Push Units, AHP Standard Cylinders, DIN Standard Cylinders, Core Pull Units, Short-Stroke Cylinders, Cube Cylinders, Flanged Cylinders, Double- Lined Cylinders, Circular Block Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders with external guide, Screw In Cylinders, Stamping Cylinders, Block Cylinders with non rotating piston rod, Rotating Clamp Units, Rotary Drive Units, Block Cylinders with wedge clamping element or guide element. As well as quality, flexibility and continuous innovations are at the heart of the company, which aims to set the future in motion with its fine products. “We’ll stake our reputation on it.”
Its website includes a link to its This is the complete ahp-program in one book, including valuable information about how to select and order a cylinder, Tips and Tricks for cylinder assembling and application. The integrated CD with the latest CAD-Data for all cylinders simplifies the design work. For further information visit: E-mail: Or call us on +44 (0) 161 678 7090
CyTec Systems UK Ltd. Unit H - 100 Shaw Road (Off Daltry Street) Oldham, OL1 4AB United Kingdom Tel.: +44 (0) 161 / 678 70 90 Fax:  +44 (0) 161 / 620 53 92 E-mail:
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CyTec Systems UK Ltd. Unit H - 100 Shaw Road (Off Daltry Street) Oldham, OL1 4AB United Kingdom Tel.: +44 (0) 161 / 678 70 90 E-mail:
+44 1 61 678 70 90